Cars Around Town, Part 1

Let this 308 Quattrovalvole welcome you into the “Cars Around Town Mini Series”

To get right down to the point, I’m going to be sprinkling a few short articles here and there about the cars in town that I photograph with permission from their owners.

Who and What

Today’s car is a beautiful Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole from 1985. It’s owned by a guy that I’ve met before, who has a nice garage complete with a lift and space for five cars. Being made in ’85, it was the last year of production for the 308. While only producing around 230 horsepower, the V8 inside lets out a loud growl that only a Ferrari could possess.


The 308 was the successor of the Dino, a legendary Ferrari, one of the first to be easily accessible to the public. It was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti, the man who was responsible for the styling of multiple famous Ferraris, like the Berlinetta Boxer. Some of you readers might recognize it from the original Magnum, p.i. show, as it was featured throughout its lifetime.

It wasn’t too cheap of a car, so if you didn’t want to pay the full price you could opt for the slower 208 models, which had a very similar look. Something interesting to see are the visual and internal differences between the US and European versions, and a keen eye can point them out. Since the Euro spec performs better, it will usually be priced higher on the market. I find it pretty surprising that the 308 actually had Rally Group 4 and B class models made, since “Ferrari” and “Rally” aren’t used in the same sentence often.


I want to thank the person who let me take photos of their car (you know who you are), which served as one of Ferrari’s first mass produced vehicles, and helped start the road to where the brand is today. I will be doing another article soon of a second car at the photo shoot.

Image Credits

All Photos: Aaron M. Rodgers