Mitsubishi 3000GT: October’s Car of the Month

Back with our next Car of the Month, a Japanese warrior on the road and track. From the wide selection of modifications to the unique design, this lovable sports car sometimes gets a little less credit than it deserves. Let’s go into some of the reasons why this Mitsubishi is a nice addition to the Car of the Month lineup.

Under the Hood

With the Japanese sports car market booming, there was no better time to release the 3000GT. Bursting out of the Mitsubishi manufacturing line, it set out to compete with popular opponents such as the Supra and 300ZX. Coming complete with 4WD and 222 horses on the base model, and a sub 6 second 0-60 for the high end VR-4 model, the 3000GT posed to be a worthy challenger among the rival Japanese engines.

Speaking of Challengers, the 3000GT was rebadged as the Dodge Stealth. Personally I don’t really like the look of the Stealth, but the 3000GT also goes by the Mitsubishi GTO which seems to be the more popular version, and it doesn’t look too bad. The 3000GT is at the top though, because it pairs the 90s Japanese car styling (most present at the back) with a more subtle yet aggressive looking front.

First generation 3000GT’s also contained something called Active Aero which, um, we don’t talk about. Let’s just say that it was more gimmicky than functional. All cars have their mistakes however, and this is one of the low few that the 3000GT has.


As of today the modding community is still pretty active, and finding parts shouldn’t be a big issue. There are multiple tuning options out there to make your 3000GT a track beast or a drag monster, and there are some reported cases of achieving 1000+hp! The only time I’ve ever seen one with those numbers was back in the first Gran Turismo game, on the original PlayStation. Through multiple parts, you could get the GTO Twin Turbo to some serious speeds, but I never thought it would be possible in real life. Imagine the gas mileage.

In terms of the 3000GT buying market there’s quite the selection, so getting your hands on one shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Oh, and in 2017 there was a 3000GT VR-4 on sale for $500,000! Despite being gone now, it even went up to 1 BILLION in cost. Take a look here if you want to learn more, it’s an absolutely hilarious situation.

Why it’s Car of the Month

The 3000GT deserves the title of Car of the Month because it holds a certain piece of sports car history that can never be replicated, and while it’s not as popular as a Supra, it still displays the same qualities in it’s own way.

Congratulations, 3000GT

The Scoring Board

Performance: 4-8.5 | Luxury: 3.5 | Looks: 8

Performance: Why it gets a 4-8.5

The 3000GT gets a 4-8.5 in Performance because you can easily modify it from stock power to an insane 600 or even 1000hp. Sure, it won’t turn easily with that power, but the drag strip becomes trivial.

Luxury: Why it gets a 3.5

The 3000GT gets a 3.5 in Luxury because let’s be honest, that’s not what it’s built for and it shows. However, the interior works fine since a luxurious ride isn’t the point of buying a 90s Japanese sports car. I’m sure that with enough left over money from that quad turbo you put on the car, you could spruce up the inside.

Looks: Why it gets an 8

The 3000GT gets an 8 in Looks. Reread paragraph 3 if you don’t know why.

Image Credits

All images: Mitsubishi, Mad4Wheels

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