Koenigsegg Quant: An Abandoned Project

Only three of these sun-fueled concept Koenigseggs exist, which is too bad.

Time to talk Koenigsegg, however, today isn’t about the upcoming Gemera or the insane top speed of the Jesko Absolut, but rather a step back to 2009. A new, creative model was in the development stage, and concepts were already being shown to the public. So…

…What Happened?

As I’m sure many of you know, Koenigsegg is a Swedish car manufacturer known for producing some of the fastest hypercars on the planet. In 2009, with the Agera’s debut on the horizon, another project was at hand.

The Koenigsegg Quant, a four seater solar powered sports car, was being created in the development stage. Koenigsegg partnered up with NLV Solar to make the car, a company whose technology would allow it to harness solar energy as a source of power. With a suggested top speed of 170mph and a claimed range of 300 miles, the Quant was in theory, amazing.

Design wise, the car is… interesting? I haven’t really formed an opinion yet on the design, but I think it’s been growing on me. The only thing that really indicates that it’s a Koenigsegg is the front bumper. Also, Hyundai apparently wasn’t the only manufacturer to provide an intriguing door setup a decade ago, as the Quant had two gullwing doors, providing access to both front and back seats.

It’s sad to say that the Quant never left concept form, as NLV abandoned the project. In 2014-15, the Quant F and Quant E hit the show floor as concepts, but that didn’t seem to revive the project. Seeing as NLV is out of business now, I doubt we’ll see another Quant anytime soon, if ever.

If the project had actually been produced, I think it would have been a nice success. Does the bankruptcy of NLV mean the end of solar power for Koenigsegg? I hope not. Maybe applying solar power to future hypercars could generate unheard of top speeds? If anyone could figure out how to boost performance of their cars through solar energy, I couldn’t see Koenigsegg stepping away from the challenge.

Image Credits

All Images: Koenigsegg, Mad4Wheels

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